Thursday, August 4, 2011


Crooked.  Most of us don’t like things crooked…right?  If we see a picture that’s crooked…we reposition …if we are cutting or drawing, correction is in order.  You should see my first grade class picture…my smile is so crooked…I remember my family commenting on it, and I thought…oh, can I please redo it?  Of course, now, I look and it gives me a good laugh!  Well, the past 6 years or so…you could say that the path the Lord has allowed for my husband and I has been “crooked” .   It definitely hasn’t been the traditional road that we always thought we would be on.  We set our hearts on a journey and though it has been amazing, I think many from the outside could look at it and think, “What’s so amazing about it?” 
In the eyes of the standard American life, it has definitely been less than desirable…job loss, a move, a yearly salary that has continued to go backwards, a house size that has also gone the opposite direction, a couple of years struggling financially (and not due to dept or overspending…just the facts of what has unfolded before us) despite thinking we had done everything right….longing to be good stewards of what we had been entrusted with…by giving, saving, and living wisely.  Somehow, what we were experiencing was definitely crooked.  Although, underneath it all we knew that God was up to something, there were many hard days and many times of questioning. 
Then, one day a person at my church gave me this verse and it was like a humongous confirmation from the Lord….
Ecclesiastes  7:13 “Consider what God has done: Who can straighten what He has made crooked?”
What sweet reassurance He gave us during that time…It wasn’t anything that we were doing wrong…It was all His plan…and His plan is always to prosper us and not to harm us. 
Now, I could write several hundred posts on what all the Lord has done for us during this season…provision, refining, healing, strengthening…and maybe I will at some point…but the short of it is this…HE DID put us on a road that is sho’ nuff crooked.  No doubt about that.  But it has been G.O.O.D.  Now hear me on this one…not always feeling good, but definitely good in what it has produced in us. 
Presently He has called us to continue on a road that is even more crooked.  Over the past few months, we have realized that the Lord is calling us into full time ministry.  BOTH of us.  Yes, I know that in a marriage if one is called, both are called…got that.  However, the Lord has made it perfectly clear that we are to BOTH pursue seminary.  Now that again is sho’ nuff…crooked!!  At 33 and 37, we will be uprooting our family of 5 to pursue this crooked road wholeheartedly.  We honestly have NO IDEA how this is all going to work!  That is what makes it so cool.  We are totally, 100%, in over our heads.  There is no way it can work unless it is the Lord’s will.  We do however trust Him with our future, with our sweet 7,5, and 3 year old, and with all this road holds.  If He is calling, the ultimate responsibility for provision is on Him! Whew! So glad I can take that load off and trust in that! 
We have had fun thinking about us being in our 30’s and sitting next to each other in class.  I asked Chad if he would sit in the desk next to mine…he said if I would go home with him…I told him I’m not that kind of girlJ 
All joking aside…would you please pray for us in this new venture?  There are so many logistics to work out…finances for school for both of us and supporting our sweet family in the normal day to day, preparation for all of our hearts (especially our kids), a place to live, and what to do in the here and now until we go.  I am looking for a part-time job and Chad is still technically unemployed (although, the Lord has provided a short term situation for him).  We would be so thankful for any time you thought of us and lifted us up in prayer. 
What situation has the Lord made crooked for you?  Have you buckled in for the ride or are you trying to force the path straight?
Join us on the journey to embrace crooked.  It definitely keeps our attention far better than a straight path where we can turn on auto-pilot!