Friday, October 11, 2013

We're here!! Come on in!!

I am resurrecting the ole blog to say...
Take your shoes off, come on in, get comfy and join us for a peek into our lives here in Kentucky.  Whether you are joining us via Facebook, our emails, or our mailings, we're glad you stopped by! We are honored that you would want to walk this journey with us.  We feel like this is the best way to keep everyone updated.  There won't be tons of posts due to my school and family responsibilities but if you need me, most of the can find me here...

or you can find Chad here...

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The past two months have been wild, great, and FULL of HIM (one of my favorite songs...  Who knew we could pack so much in and still be standing?  July 22nd was decision day and in 2 1/2 weeks, we had two yards sales to scale down belongings, many goodbyes, a house packed up and ready to go.  Directly following that we had a 14 hour trip(8 by car) to unload our belongings and begin making a home here in Kentucky.  Three days later, the girls started school.  A few days after that I finished my Greek class that I took over the summer (hilariously I took this class at that time because I wanted to take it when I had nothing much going on....HA! Can we say a slight unexpected change o' plans?!?).  A week later, I started my Fall classes. It was such a swirl of activity and emotions, but I can't say that I have ever felt the Lord's peace so tangibly.  It was like a thick blanket wrapped around us.  His provision was around every corner, and in every way...financially, materially, physically, time, emotionally, spiritually, human hands to help.  We would get to a certain point and think...How?  And He blew threw. 

I have never experienced something so good, yet so hard at the same time.  There were many nights of tears longing for friends, family, familiarity, our church, and "home"at the close of days filled with laughter, fun, excitement of meeting friends, new experiences and settling into "home." Yet through it all, He was constantly making His presence known to us in very tangible ways.  A few examples: 

After the end of our 1st full day here, we were EXHAUSTED.  What shall we eat?  We hadn't been to the grocery store yet and were too tired to go. Wilmore consists of one main street...Main Street :) Well, before we left a family gave us a card full of gift cards to guess where?...
It's the only quick food type place here.  Right around the corner from us. 

Of course, cause that's how our God works. 

Then, the girls' first day of school.  We sat down to read the kids version of the Jesus Calling devotional and what do we read? The title was "Rock Solid".  Here's an excerpt...

“Because I never change, you can always count on Me.  Friends may move away; you may switch churches or schools; homes can be destroyed.  Sometimes it can feel like your life has been turned completely upside down.  When that happens, come to Me.  I am rock-solid.  You never have to be afraid, because I am always with you and I never change.”

Of course, cause that's how our God works.  

Before we left we had to say goodbye to our beloved cat, Izzie.  No pets are allowed where we live. We were thankful for the sweet person who took her in (another amazing provision).  Very shortly after our move-in, this happened on our back porch...
Even though this isn't the type of kitty that is for keeping or petting, another way the Lord was speaking to our girls that He was here and He knew.  The girls have affectionately named the cat "Kalas"  which is the name of our neighborhood, Kalas Village.

 Of course, cause that's how our God works.

And then, a very familiar, loved friend from Columbus, here "unexpectedly" due to some issues that arose he needed to take care of very close by...
Of course, cause that's how our God works.

Then so many friends for the girls....
Can we say two by two?  :)  This is another family full of gals...all matching closely in age to ours.  There are several other families that we could have these same kind of pictures with...There are many, many other sweet friends the girls are getting to know!! (However, missing terribly their old friends!!)

Of course, cause that's how my God works.

So many tangible ways for us to know that He's here, He sees, and He knows.  He went before us and has been preparing this place and this time for us.  Many of you who have been walking with us the past several years know how HUGE that is for us to be able to see after all the waiting, wrestling, and wondering.  To borrow from a the way a friend here put it...WE are here.  We ARE here. We are HERE. Thank you Lord. 

For all of you who have helped us, we are deeply grateful.  Your prayers, your financial gifts, and your helping hands have all been part of God's provision for us to be able to be here.  A privilege we do not take lightly.  Thank you so very much.  Stay tuned for a picture blitz on our next post. We'll show you around our house, neighborhood, schools and give a few more details about life for us here in Kentucky. 


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